If you are a new member registered on here are some useful tips for you :

1. Welcome Bonus for all new registered members 

Claim this coupon code NEW-MEMBER (you will receive 50 Bits in your account balance , this amount can be withdrawn )
Claim this coupon code NEW-MEMBER-2 (you will receive 20 Doge in purchase balance -  this amount can't be withdrawn but you can purchase Lottery tickets or advertising ads)
In order to claim your coupon codes you have to copy the code, access this page  paste the code and press submit button .
Pay attention for details : don't put any space before or after code 

2. How to earn ?
Here you don't have to invest any money . It's free and it doesn't matter the country you are from.

You can earn from :

Faucet (every 5 minutes you will have the chance to win from 1 bits up to 30,000 bits)
We have also 9 Levels for Faucet. High level you will reach high earnings you will have

PTC Ads (the number of ads depends on number of advertisers)

Shortlinks (you have to complete and finish shortlinks in order to receive the rewards. How to solve shortlinks tutorial posted on shortlink page)

Offerwall (each country have targeted countries or depends on user profile , but here is a small trick to have high chances to receive surveys or offers. You will have to set your profile with High study level like Unversity , high rank as employee , like director or ceo , and to mark as many offers you will be interested in future to receive offers)

Jobs (time to time I enter new jobs for all users. Rules will be explained there)

Lottery ( you can buy tickets and have the chance to win from our Weekly Lottery. The more tickets you buy , more chances you have to be an winner)

Referrals (if you will invite your friends with your referral link and they are active you can earn from their earnings up to 20%, depends on membership . Each membership have different earnings rate. Basic membership is free of cost , but upgraded memberships like SilverGold or Diamond memberships are not free , only if you decide to pay a fee for them . Here you can compare Membership earning rate and cost )

Investment Game (As you may know, Bitcoin value changes every minute. Guess if the Bitcoin value goes higher or lower in next 5 minutes and multiply your investment with x1.5! Call if you think the price will increase or Put if you think it will decrease. In case the value remains the same, you get your investments back.)

Contests - we have 3 Monthly Contests 

1.Referrals Contest - for rules and details  << click here >> 

2.Shortlinks Contest - for rules and details  << click here >> 

3. Offerwall Contest - for rules and details  << click here >> 

Achievements - here you will have plenty of rewards and you can claim them once you have reach requirements

For more details << click here >> to see your stats 


You have 2 options to withdraw 
1. account - minimum amount to withdraw is 500 bits 
2. Bitcoin wallet address - minimum amount to withdraw is 10000 bits 


We have 2 options 

1. Via Dogecoin wallet (minimum amount to deposit is 100 DOGE)
2. Via  (minimum amount to deposit will be 100 DOGE)

Hope this information would be useful for you . 

Enjoy and Happy earnings with us .

If you have any problems don't hesitate to write in main chat or join our telegram channel  >> <<

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