Hello guys, 

Thanks a lot for all your efforts and support. 

To reward you we update our contests and made the following changes:

1. Refferal contest is now 200$, first prize gets 80$ (30.000 Doge)
2. Deposit promo of up to 100%, read more here:
3. Next week will have a faucet PROMO, claim every 3 Minutes! Right every 3 minutes you can claim for up to 1 week.
4. If you do any Offerwall of more than 10.000 Credits you'll get 1 day of FREE membership!! 
5. New Jobs will be added, check it out here:
6. Purchase refferals, price was decreased to only 100 Doge/ refferal!! Check out here:
7. More things are coming to you, stay tunned! 

Free membership will be added daily once per day. Payments are made daily at 17:00 PM server time. 
If you have any feedback, please let me know in the comment sections! 

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