Hello guys, 

We are so sorry for the issues that the site presented in the last few days, but make sure we do everything to fix them as soon as possible. 

We know that some of you have a hard time connecting, or the website is running slow for you and WE WILL FIX IT! 

What will come next: 

1. 6 NEW Offerwalls -> Clixwall, CPXResearch, Pollfish Surveys and more as soon as we move to new servers;
2. We implemented Captcha earnings for those who love captcha get 50 bits for 1000 captcha completed here:
3. We already implemented CPU Mining for you guys, so if you want to earn more check the page here:
4. More contests, bigger prizes will come to you;
5. We will increase refferal earnings from next month;
6. Lottery prize will start at 10000 Bits every month;
7. Increased contest prizes.
8. More Coupons. 
9. We will make payments instant and lower de withdraw amount to only 20 Doge when everything is implemented!

Stay tunned and do not miss out!

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