Hello guys, 

As you know, we had some problems but we fixed everything. 

Now you can start earning more with us. What is NEW? 

1. 5 NEW Offerwalls, in total we have 15 Offerwalls to offer you. :) Check them out. 
2. Daily Login Bonus. Login everyday and make atleast 1 Faucet claim and you will earn upt to 300 Bits and 14 Silver Membership days in a month, just for loging in!!!
3. Daily Activity Bonus. 25 BITS Daily if you check all the boxes :) 
4. Captcha Champion. Complete captcha and get rewarded. Check it out here:

Don't forget, you have 8 more days to be the first one in the Refferal Contest and win the top prize of 75$. 200$ are up for grabs for the top 10. 

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